Thursday, December 16, 2010

Web Formats

Vector Graphic File Types:
Adobe Illustrator saves its files in the Ai format and Corel uses CDR(CorelDRAW) or CMX(Corel Presentation Exchange or Connected Media Experience ) However there are file formats which are 'common' file formats that are cross platform. (Can be opened by many different programs).
EPS and PS:
The oldest and still most widely used method of saving Vector Graphics files for use in a range of other Graphics applications is by saving the file as an EPS or PS. These file formats were created by Adobe and used for saving a file that could be printed on a Post Script Printer. Corel Draw, Inkscape and Illustrator all give this option. EPS (Encapsulated Post Script) is a format where Text, Vector Graphics and Bitmap Images are saved exactly as laid on the program where they were created. Over the years the different programs have got much better at creating these files, in the past there were often irregularities when opening a file in a program other than the one that it was created in. For instance, the text the author used may not be installed on your computer or the Outline thickness may be wrong. Today however saving EPS files between the three major Graphics programs is no longer a problem.
PDF (portable document file) was also created by Adobe and is a logical expansion of the PS and EPS format. PDF files can be viewed by anyone with a PDF viewer and have a range of quality options. PDF files can also embed fonts so you don't have to have them installed on the end users computer. PDF files can use file compression and low resolution images to make files for the Web or they can create large high quality files with no compression for Publication. Programs like Scribus, Inkscape and all the Adobe Products can open PDF files and allow you to incorporate or edit them. PDF is the format used to send your final Artwork to a Publisher for Printing.
The high PDF – X3 format is the established industry standard and supported by Adobe In-Design, Scribus and Corel Draw. PDF files are also a popular standard for E-Books, which are books to be viewed and transmitted over the World Wide Web. Pdf files can be viewed on the web by downloading the Adobe Acrobat viewer.
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). This is a more recent file format used for saving Vector Graphic files. Inkscape saves it's files in this format. SVG files can be viewed on the web and are supported by modern browsers this allows very sharp high quality Vector Graphic Images to be displayed on the Web.
WMF (Windows Metal Files) This format has been around for ages and it is a favorite way for saving Clip art that can be scaled to any size. Not all the more complex features of a Graphic image created in one of the programs like Inkscape are saved accurately, but for more simple line based flat color images, the format works very well.
Bitmaps and Raster Images:
Vector Graphics are different to Bitmap (Raster) Images which are the other major way of presenting Images on Computers and in Artwork.Learn Abour Digital Images, Bitmaps, Pixels, Dpi, Ppi, Resolution, Digital Photography, CMYK and RGB

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