Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to face Interview

Going for the interview
Remember to do some googling on the company.
Spend about 30 minutes on their corporate website. Check out the press
releases section for the latest news. If it is a publicly traded company,
check out when it was in news the last time and why.The interviewer wont
expect you to know the company too well. But, it is important to have some
knowledge about the company, the sector it operates in, its main products or
solutions and major clients. Read about the organization, ask people about
 what they do, what their hiring policies are like.

There is a common saying that minds are made up within the first 5 minutes
of an interview. So keep in mind these important first impression
indicators. Walk in the door as if you already work there, carry yourself as
though you feel perfectly comfortable with the situation. Arrive on time or
a little early. In the waiting area, politely tell the receptionist who you
are meeting and in a friendly way, ask where you should sit. Take slow, deep
breaths to help you remain calm and focused. When introduced to the
interviewer, have a firm, but not painful, handshake. Smile. Have good
posture when sitting or standing. Introduce yourself in a relaxed, confident
manner. Have a well-groomed, professional appearance. Project a feeling of
confidence. Bring extra copies of your resume, some thing to write on and
something to write with.

 The most talented people fail in the interviews due to having no control over their nervousness. Nervousness freezes your mental energy which is most required during the interview. While preparing for the interview, prepare properly with full concentration and without shifting your focus to any other topic. Your confidence will boost if you reach the interview well dressed. Eat some thing light which will make you feel relaxed. Even if you feel like lacking confidence, try to act confidently. Also avoid the last minute rush and reach the place of interview at least before 20-30 minutes of the scheduled time. Take getting the job as a challenge and be brave to achieve your target.

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