Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ext JS :

Last past 4 years Ext JS has grown up, gained developer endorsements because of its flexibility and efficiency. There is a growing market for dynamic web apps and Developers and Vendors alike are embracing Ext JS to bring the next generation of the web to the public.
Ext JS has powerful controls available like grid, data store, panels, tab panels, windows and others which reduce your effort and time for rich application development. It allows you to create a complex layout easily without wasting too much time. It is easy to customize the look and feel of your app by using CSS and it gives you the ability to extend base classes to add your own functionalities in application development.
MVVM Architecture,2 Way Data Binding,routing, Session Management,Table Support, New Themes, Grid widgets, Touch Charts, Rapid Prototyping, Browser compatibility, Multi-platform / No plugins, Object Orientated, Datastores / Services

Ext JS 4.2 is a pure JavaScript application framework that works on all modern browsers from IE6 to the latest version of Chrome. It enables you to create the best cross-platform applications using nothing but a browser, and has a phenomenal API.

  • Combination Examples
  • Enterprise
  • Accessibility
  • Grids
  • Charts
  • Tabs
  • Windows
  • Trees
  • Layout Managers
  • Drawing
  • Drag and Drop
  • Toolbars and Menus
  • ComboBox
  • DataView
  • Forms
  • Direct
  • MVC
  • Miscellaneous

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