Monday, October 22, 2012

Web 2.0

 In web 2.0 many aspects of trends came in web design, In this so many good new features of textures, drop shadows, clean layouts, simple and glossy icons, good and quality  images, suitable buttons, simple animations,  etc…

Features of Web 2.0 :-
  • Simple and good user availability layout designing.
  • It is very simple and Its have too relevant.
  • Modernization of Simple Logo designing.
  • Focus on Usability, Interface, Browser comparability and Readability.
  • Great use of texture.
  • Quality , professional images using in  the designing.
  • Easy to access links of Social websites.
  • In main page JavaScript slider will be used with effectively.
  • Drop shadows add realistic depth.
  • Good icons, photos, and graphical.

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