Monday, October 22, 2012

What is Web designing?

Web designing is creating a web page. In Websites web page gives basic information on all aspects  depends on the company requirements. Web designers have a design process that involves the layout of company requirements. In this web designing we can designing like Shopping Cart Website,  Normal Websites, Company Web Sites, Flash Animated Websites, Blogger Websites, Commercial Websites, Job portal websites, etc…
Web designing with the process of developing a website. Web designers use images, texts and other interactive elements to see a good look a web page visible on a web browser.
Overall, the web designing process includes idea of concept, preparing plan, new innovative ideas implementations in designing output.
Now a days so many mobile technologies is there.  For that support in all browsers User friendly and User Interface designing’s will be designed.

Different technologies used for web designing are as follows:
  • Style sheet languages (Ex. CSS)
  • Designing technologies (Ex. Photoshop, Illustration)
  • Markup languages  technologies (Ex. Dreamweaver)
  •  Markup languages (Ex. XHTML, HTML and XML)
  •  Multimedia technologies (Ex. Flash)
  •  Database technologies (Ex. MSSQL, MySQL)
  •  Server Side Scripting (Ex.PHP)
  •  Client side scripting (Ex. javaScript and jquery)

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